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LaKeischa and the topsy-turvy upside down COVID year

Dr. LaKeischa McMillan catches us up on how she’s been faring and adjusting in this COVID year, and how she’s helping patients connect their health dots through a new book, and a women’s health tele summit.

This episode is another installment in the COVID catch-up series, where I’m chatting with past guests on Planet Noun—to find out how they’ve been faring during this rough year known as 2020: The year ‘Rona rode US hard and put us away wet.

The last time Dr. LaKeischa McMillan was on, we were talking about family health history. It was about two years ago, and the episode dropped just ahead of the United States’ Thanksgiving holiday.

Welp, this year, Thanksgiving will look a lot different for so many. Some (if you call the families of more than 200,000 people “some”) have lost family members to COVID-19, while others may opt not to gather due to concerns about asymptomatic spread to high-risk family members.

There’s a lot to talk about this time around, so take a listen to Dr. LaKeischa McMillan—on Planet Noun.

Learn more about Dr. McMillan and the different services she provides as an integrative GYN, an author and a speaker.

Let’s start with her book. It’s called The Other PMS: Your Survival Guide for Perimenopause & Menopause

She also hosts the Women’s Health Show every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. on Facebook Live.

Keep up with her latest activities—including the multi-day women’s summit she’s hosting this week.

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We’re so interconnected

I took part in a Zoom girlfriends conference call earlier. About five of my longtime friends and I met up in a room set up by one of my decades-long pals…

Living during a pandemic and social distancing and shelter in place orders…made me realize that I allowed work to get in the way of maintaining my friendships.

But no one’s knocking work. It’s important. It allows me to buy things—like food. And toilet paper. And more hand sanitizer—when I finally track that down.

But one of the things we discussed that is sticking to my mind—how interconnected we are—top to bottom, side to side, everyone incredibly integral to everyone else’s survival and well-being.

Hospital Techs.
Physical plant staff.
Police officers.
Grocery workers.
Research scientists.
Imma say that again for the people in the socially distant back who may need to read it again.
Research scientists.
And everyone in between.

Let’s not forget the delivery drivers—shout out to all of y’all from the Amazon, UPS and FedEx folks to the gig-working drivers who deliver app-based food orders.

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