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EPISODE 39—Rashad McCrorey and Pandemic-ing in Ghana?

Talk about doing the most with what life presents! Rashad McCrorey, our episode 39 guest, is doing just that.

McCrorey joins Planet Noun for another COVID catch-up. In this series, I’ve been chatting with past guests on Planet Noun—to find out how they’ve been faring during 2020, a year that’s been described countless times as “unprecedented,” and simultaneously likened unto a train wreck, dumpster fire, and a sh!t show. 

McCrorey is a travel company owner who is new to Planet Noun. We connected via Instagram a few months ago.  

His podcast preamble goes something like this: McCrorey went to Ghana on business—temporarily.  But then COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and then a national emergency in the United States, where he was born, so Rashad McCrorey decided stick around in Ghana after the first wave of lockdowns was ramping up. He’s still there, and joined me via Zoom to talk about his journey. 

Well, let’s get to it…Meet Rashad McCrorey… on Planet Noun!

Rashad McCrorey traveled to Ghana on business earlier this year, then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He’s been there ever since and is putting down some roots.

Thanks for listening to Planet Noun where it’s all about the People, Places, Things and Ideas that teach us, prompt us to make a difference and do more with what life presents.

That was Rashad McCrorey.  Here’s where to learn more about his life in Ghana, his travel company, and his social media info to connect there.

Thanks again for stopping by, and do me a favor. It’s the end of a tough year, but there seems to be some hope in sight with the COVID vaccine.  

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