A list of links to author, organization and other websites referenced in each episode. 

Episode 11: September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month, and Elle Cole of Cleverly Changing has a compelling story about how she learned about the disease.  It was a surprise when one of her twins inherited it. Cole is a writer and  founder of Cleverly Changing, a lifestyle blog that focuses on “Empowering the Total Person.” 

Episode 10: Guest Stacia D. Wright shares her business journey and  talks about learning by looking, knowing your worth, the value of your time and what you bring to any table… and much more

Episode 9: Guest Lea Anderson talk with her sister Liz about Uterine Fibroids—disrespectful & monstrous body bastards for Uterine Fibroid Awareness Month

Episode 8: Sixahwe Naturals–hand-making the future with vegan body products featuring Ayanna Alexander, founder of Sixahwe Naturals

Episode 7: Uncovering history that was hidden in plain sight | Interview with Pastor Michelle C. Thomas, founder of the Loudoun Freedom Center

Episode 6:  This Virgin ain’t plain, homely or boring | Interview with Skarlet Beverage Company founders

Episode 5: Poetry to keep your Valentine steamy all year long
RareEpiphany’s Queendom

Episode 4:  They want to set you up with a solid stylist and a fly ‘do
Swivel Beauty

Episode 3:  Balikbayan Boxes–care packages in reverse
Jason Reblando
The Box That Brings Christmas to the Philippines

Episode 2:  Cancer has no couth or sense of timing.
The Maddy Wagon

Episode 1:  If you don’t need him, why marry the dude?

Carmen Hope Thomas

People, Places, Things, Ideas!

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