Lady Mae cans choir director, tension between cousins begins burble

First of all, Lady Mae is going after Carlton. But it’s not because he’s gay.   That doesn’t mean she’s on the right side of wrong, though.

Meanwhile, I predict some boy-related tension is about to go down between Sofia and Cousin Zora. Sofia likes this young singer at Triumph Church, and Zora’s coaching her on ways to get his attention. But when they go watch Isiah Hambrick rehearse, he bores his attention into Zora as if awkward Sofia doesn’t exist.

Darius asks Grace out to dinner. Not for a date, though, just to be clear. The original Instagram caption read “should he be trusted?” MY question…. does it matter if she confides in him on or off the record? Why did she call HIM right AFTER she learned Charity talked with her mom as agreed and Charity gave up on trying to save Carlton’s job? Charity said there was nothing they could do to make Lady Mae change her mind. Carlton’s firing was a financial decision that was not up for discussion. What she didn’t say is that them canning Carlton is based on the deacon board’s possible reluctance to give money to the church if an openly gay AND openly same-sex married choir director was in a visible leadership position and was not hiding his spouse in the closet.  But yeah, okay folks.  It’s a financial decision.  Okey-doke.  Whatever you say, Lady Mae.

And I question Grace’s dinner meeting with Darius Nash. After Charity refused to press the issue, Grace picked up the phone and called Nash, not for a date, but to “talk about something else.” Can’t help but wonder if she’s hoping the seedlings she drops will propel Nash to dig deeper so he’s the one actively stirring up strife in Lady Mae’s fields of peace.  I know she them-there church folks to act better… but I wonder if the motivations of this fictional character are pure.

I guess we’ll all have to find out.

Jacob moves forward to get the new Triumph Church up and running, Kerissa went to look at the parsonage with Basie’s wife, and she’s so underwhelmed. That home is probably smaller than their suite at the Greenleaf mansion. And they’ll likely have no servants to fix their meals. Can Kerissa even cook? Who knows.

Pastor Greenleaf hasn’t told Jacob who Basie Skanks really is, or who he claims to be—the son of the caretaker who died in a fire at First Baptist in 1983. Bishop only remembers the caretaker had two daughters, no sons. Doesn’t mean Basie isn’t the caretaker’s son. That’s another loose end with tawdry potential.

Even though Kerissa doesn’t like the matchbox parsonage, she, Jacob, Zora, and their little son roll off the Greenleaf estate to begin their new life living across town, eventually to church right across the street from the elder Greenleaves.

Drama.  For everyone’s mamma and neighbors and the mailman, too.

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